Boot Camp - 7-7-09

It is so easy to come up with excuses not to workout. As I tried to drag myself out of bed this morning I must have come up with at least a hundred.

I'm too tired, I can do it later, I don't really need to workout today, I love this bed, Its Tuesday, Its too cold, Its too hot...

Well, I got up anyway and went to Boot Camp. I made it there a little late and was completely harassed by the group as I walked in (loved it). I looked around and saw how many other people were there and wondered how many of them had thought of the same excuses, but had come anyway...

We kept our heart rates up today. We started with a group stretch and then a warm up run around the track (little over one mile). We went back to the gym and did group exercises. After each exercise we ran in place. The workout was non stop and my heart rate stayed elevated the whole sixty minutes.

After the workout I felt great (tired, but great). I thought about the excuses I came up with this morning. They were the same excuses I used for years to stay in bed or sit on the couch. The difference is that now I have a mental list of why I get up each day.

When I remind myself of the reasons I do this crazy stuff, it makes it easy to get out of bed.

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