Boot Camp - 8-3-09

Boot Camp was a pretty tough this morning. My legs felt like they were moving through mud after running fourteen miles on Saturday.

We started off fast today. It was a quick group stretch with exercises thrown in to get our heart rate elevated. After warming up for several minutes we went to the track on the roof to run laps. I was able to run about one and a half miles before they called us into the middle of the roof.

The Marines split us up into two groups (2 x 3 ability groups). My group started in the middle of the roof. We split into two groups facing each other. One side did exercises while the other side sprinted to the wall and back. We did this forever!

Then our group was sent to the track. We broke into our three ability groups. We started with a warm up lap around the track and then we did lunges on the straight away, then jogged the curve, sprinted the straight away and then jogged the curve. We did this a few times, changing the exercise each time until we were sprinting both straight aways.

As we were finishing, I saw Greg (my running coach) and said, "that was fun". He looked at me with crazy eyes and said, "that was not fun - just to be clear"...


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