Long Run - 14 miles - 8-01-09

Marathon training is cranking up now that we are in August (only 84 days left). I have a lot of miles to cover in the next few weeks and I think my base miles from earlier this year are paying off.

Our group met at 5:00am this morning in the Old Village. There were six of us running. Even this early in the morning it was already hot and humid.

Our route was a loop around Mount Pleasant. We started in the Old Village and ran up Rifle Range Road to the Isle of Palms Connector. We went around Mathis Ferry Road and then did an out and back to Remley's Point. After that we headed back up Coleman over Shem Creek and into the Old Village.

We did a slow warm up mile as a group (12:18). I broke off from the main group with two other runners for the rest of the route. We were running an easy pace today to get in the miles (10:31, 10:37, 10:14, 10:21, 10:16, 10:25). We made a quick restroom stop at a gas station at the midway point and seemed to slow a little (10:40, 10:49, 10:34, 10:47). After we came back from Remley's Point we picked up the pace (10:21, 10:20).

Our last mile was our fastest (10:06). I was kinda zoning out when I noticed the other two runners had picked up the pace and were getting ahead of me. I had to wake up and push it to finish near them.

I am excited about the training this month. We are picking up the pace and increasing the miles. Should get interesting from this point on...


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