Mid Week Run - 8-20-09

What was I thinking?

I went for my mid week six mile run on Thursday afternoon and could not believe how hot I got. I usually don't even take water with me unless I am running over seven miles, but luckily I decided to bring on this run.

I was trying to run steady at around marathon pace. I started with a slow warm up mile (10:46) and could tell it was going to be hard to keep up the pace. I was able to keep the next two mile at a pretty good pace (8:23, 8:46), but had to stop under a bridge for a few minutes to cool down at the midway point (9:33, 8:47). I finished with a cool down mile (10:30).

I know I have done runs in high heat before, but the combination of the heat and humidity was brutal. It took me forever to rehydrate...


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