Long Run - 18 Miles - 8-22-09

It felt good to get eighteen miles in today. Only sixty three days left until the Marine Corps Marathon and my training is really paying off.

We had a lot of runners this morning for our group. Three of us (Cathy, Andrew and I) were running eighteen and the rest of the group was running fourteen. We did a really cool route around the islands that started in the Old Village. We were doing an easy pace of around 10:30.

We started with a warm up mile through the Old Village (11:56). We then ran up Rifle Range Road to the Isle of Palms Connector (10:39, 10:13, 10:27, 10:39). We also passed the group that was running the fourteen miles and picked up Elizabeth (she was new to the group and wanted to run with us).

The run on the IOP Connector was amazing. When we started on the connector it was dark, but as we came over the bridge the sun was coming up and the view was unreal (10:23, 10:24, 10:31). We had the added bonus of having a hill workout from the bridge.

As we came off the connector, we turned left and made a short stop to fill up our water. Cathy and Elizabeth made a stop at the restrooms so Andrew and I made a small loop on the far side of the Isle of Palms up to 32nd Ave (10:06, 10:08). We met up with Cathy and Elizabeth and ran over to Sullivan's Island (10:09, 10:15).

We made a short stop at Breach Inlet and filled up our water again (10:27). We ran over Sullivan's Island and then over the Ben Sawyer Bridge (10:15, 10:01, 10:22). As we made it back to the Old Village we only had two more miles and I was ready for the run to be over. Andrew and I picked up the pace slightly and finished at St. Andrews (10:16, 9:51).

I went home and did a lot of refueling. I had to coach my son's flag football team so I was short on time and did not get to take an ice bath.

I have to say that today's run was a great! The route was fun, we had three bridges, and a big running group. I was running on only three hours of sleep, but after the run I felt really good.


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