Tempo Run - 8-25-09

Tempo runs in the afternoon suck!

I woke up this morning and decided to do my tempo run this afternoon. What was I thinking??? It sounded like a good idea as I looked at the big red 4 on my alarm clock this morning...

This was my first eight mile tempo run so I added a loop around Hampton Park near the Citadel to my normal afternoon route. That loop was the only shaded area of my run. It was also the place where the rain hit me the hardest.

I started off my run with a slow warm up mile (9:54). I picked it up for the next few miles as I ran near the Ashley Marina and the River Dogs Stadium (8:41, 8:47, 8:33). As I was coming back from the Citadel and the loop around Hampton Park I stopped to fill up my water bottle. My shoes were soaked at this point (rain and sweat).

I had trouble picking up the pace after I stopped (9:14, 9:33, 9:18). It was really humid out today and except for the rain cloud that got me around the loop, there was no shade to be found. I finished with a cool down mile (10:42) and ran down Broad Street and the Four Corners of Law.

This was a long run for an afternoon. Next time I look at the clock in the morning I will remember this run...


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