Tempo Run - 8-4-09

I had to skip Boot Camp this morning to get in my tempo run. It was going to be too hot today to run in the afternoon.

I ran six miles down Coleman over Shem Creek (I love running over Shem Creek). It was early, but still hot and humid.
There was a guy walking towards me with his headphones on that I must have scared half to death. When I got up to him he jumped and looked like he was about to scream. Very funny...

I ran a slow mile to warm up (10:38). I was trying to run close to an 8:00 pace, but my legs were not cooperating. My next four miles were not as fast as I wanted, but not too bad (8:24, 8:45, 9:05, 8:55). I finished with a slow cool down mile (10:21).

I have been slacking off on my tempo runs for the past few weeks so this was my first time actually pushing a little. At least it felt good to lengthen my stride. When you run slow long runs your stride seems to shorten and it makes it hard to get going on the fast runs.


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