Boot Camp 9-21-09

I was happy to get back to Boot Camp this morning. It was a hard workout, but not as crazy as the last two weeks. I was glad that it was back to normal Boot Camp. OK, OK, it was somewhat normal (civilian adults getting yelled at by Marines at 6:00am is not so normal to begin with, but at least I could understand what we were supposed to do)...

We did group stretches and then warm up exercises (someone came in late so we had to do extra push ups). We were split into two large groups. My group was split into three ability groups and sent to the roof to run Indian Sprints around the track. I went in the middle group so I would not over do it after my long run on Saturday.

I love doing Indian runs. I get to sprint and do some of my recovery run at the same time. We ended up covering about two miles. After our run we went back to the gym and did a body bar workout, another one of my favorites. My arms were burning after this workout.

Both groups formed up in the gym for an abdominal workout at the end. It was a nice workout.


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