Tempo Run - 9-22-09

What a disaster!

I had planned on waking up at 4:00am and running near my house (my wife is on call, so I wanted to be close to the house and back early enough in case she got called in to work).

Well, 4:00am came and went, 5:00am went by as well. I ended up waking up at 6:00am and I decided I could run at lunch.

My morning was crazy at work and I finally broke away for my run after 12:00pm. When I checked the temperature at noon it was under eighty degrees so I figured it would be warm, but bearable. What I did not know was that the remnants of Hurricane Fred were causing all kinds of crazy weather in our area and by the time I was done with my run it would be near ninety degrees.

I was planning on doing a ten mile tempo run (Downtown to the Citadel and back). I started with a warm up mile from my office down Broad Street and up East Bay Street (10:00). Right away, I could tell it was hotter than I thought it was going to be. Even the tourist were sweating.

My next three miles were OK, but I was slowing down pretty fast (8:46, 8:52, 9:00). After my fourth mile I got really hot and my legs just died on me (10:34, 10:38, 9:54). I don't know if it was the heat or my legs were just tired from my long run on Saturday, but I could not get it together to move any faster. I ran one more mile (10:40) and cut my run short at eight miles.

I got back to my office, took a shower and felt like crap. I took in a lot of fluids and started feeling better, but this had to be one of my worst runs.

I waited a day to write this blog entry because I did not even want to think about it. I am just going to rest today. One thing is for sure, until it really cools down around here I am going to make sure I run in the mornings.

I figure this is just part of running. Sometimes you have great days and sometimes your plans just don't pan out. It's still one hundred percent better than the way I felt before I started running...


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