Boot Camp - 9-8-09

Boot Camp started again this morning. We have new Marines running it this time around and they brought friends for the first day...

The first day of Boot Camp is always full of yelling. It takes a few days before you figure out exactly what the Marines want you to do. Today I got screamed at for looking over at the instructor during push ups. Last year I would have been screamed at for not looking at the instructor during push ups...

We did a combination of stretching and warm up exercises to get started. Then the new people were separated for Beginner Boot Camp and the rest of us headed to the roof. There are about 140 people in this session so you never want to be last.

We ran some laps for a while and then formed up on the tennis courts for push ups and other upper and lower body exercises. We did this for a while and then ran more laps. We did this until the end of Boot Camp. I had to leave about five minutes early to get home so I am not sure if there was more torture after I left.

Am I glad that I skipped my tempo run to make it to Boot Camp? Sure. I love being around everyone at the gym. The Marines are very motivating and knowing that you can make it through one of their workouts makes it easier to push through walls when you are running for hours and hours.


  1. Wow, amazing story! 90 lbs! Congratulations! Keep runnin'!

  2. Boot Camp sounds exhilarating and hard! Those before and after shots are really something to be proud of. Well Done!


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