Recovery Run - 9-8-09

My schedule this week has been way off. I did not get a chance to do my recovery run on Monday (too busy on the Holiday) and I went to Boot Camp on Tuesday morning so no tempo run. I decided to go for an afternoon run and just do six miles.

It was mostly a recovery run, but I threw in some strides to work in a little speed. In a book I am reading "Run Faster" there is a section about sprints and strides. The simple version is that Sprints are all out speed and Strides are fast but not all out (very simplified).

I ran a slow mile (10:01) and then did strides in the middle of the next mile (8:52). I slowed down for a recovery mile (10:20) and then ran strides on the grass for part of the next mile (9:08). On the way back I did a recovery mile (9:53) and then ran strides in the middle of the last mile (9:08). Most of the miles ended up being pretty slow, but doing the strides in the middle felt good and helped get rid of the stiffness I was feeling from the long run and Boot Camp.


  1. I stumbled across you blog and I love it! I may have to steal your track workout! I am always looking for a good track workout!
    So I am gathering that you are a Marine? I was in the Air Force and my hubby is currenlty in the Army. I run to stay fit and SANE. :)

    Keep running!


  2. No problem. I try to put as much detail as I can for the track workouts. Most of the track workouts I am doing are for the marathon I am training for.

    Actually, I was in the Army years ago. The Marines run a boot camp that I go to and they have really helped get me motivated. The marathon I am running in October is the Marine Corps Marathon.

    Good luck staying sane, I am still working on it!


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