Long Run - 10 Miles - 9-12-09

I was able to sleep in until 4:30am this morning. We pushed our long run back to 5:30am. Wow, I am so refreshed...

We had another great morning for a run. There were about eight runners in our group, including a guy from Texas who was visiting the Charleston area.

We started with a slow warm up mile (12:45) and then three of us broke off for a faster pace (9:46). One of the runners dropped off at mile two and that left Andrew and I for the rest of the eight miles. We picked up the pace and tried to keep it near marathon pace for the rest of the run (8:58, 8:51, 8:40). We stopped to refill our water at the turn around point (9:10). We picked up the pace again as we were heading back (8:58, 8:52, 8:45). We ended with a cool down mile (10:00). The nice thing about today was that on our way back the pace seemed slow, but we were right on pace.

As we ran across the Ben Sayer Bridge to Sullivan's Island all I could think of was that it was another beautiful day to run in the Lowcountry...


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