Recovery Run - 9-13-09

I ran a four mile recovery run today at the track. We only ran ten miles yesterday so I decided to get my recovery run in today instead of Monday so I could go to Boot Camp in the morning.

My, now six year old, son Peyton came with me. I love when he come to the track with me! He brought his football and soccer ball and played on the field while I ran on the track.

I did four slow miles for my recovery (10:14, 10:18, 10:06, 9:34). The only reason the last mile was faster was because I did some strides in the middle and my son wanted to run with me on the last two laps (he has not figured out pacing yet).

I finished up with a walk around the track with my son. He made a few stops to do chin ups when we passed the bars and then he dribbled the soccer ball down the field twice. He said he is now ready for the Marine Corps One Mile Kids Run!


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