Track Workout - 9-16-09

This morning I was back at the track for a really cool workout (Yasso 800's). It's supposed to get you ready for a predicted marathon time (click here for a link to an article from Runners World).

This is kind of crazy, but the creator of this workout (Bart Yasso) has tried it out on a lot of runners with varying ability (near two hours to over four hours marathon times).

Basically, this is an eight hundred meeter repeat workout. You get your splits by converting your predicted marathon time from hours and minutes to minutes and seconds (three hours and fifty three minutes becomes three minutes and fifty three seconds). The rest period between the repeats should be about the same time as your 800 splits.

This is the workout I did this morning:

1 x 1200 warm up

6 x 800 (3:53) (rest - still moving around - same time as split)

1 x 1200 cool down

The goal is to work up to doing 10 x 800 hitting all of your splits.

After my warm up I did my first 800 right on pace, but I found that I was getting faster on each of the remaining 800's (3:53, 3:44, 3:41, 3:42, 3:39, 3:32). I'm guessing that if I tried to finish this workout with four more 800's my splits would have been slower.

I really liked this workout. Knowing that I can hit those splits was a good confidence booster for me (I need all the positive reinforcement I can get). With my twenty two mile run just days away, I am trying to ensure that I am ready both physically and mentally.


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