Boot Camp - 9-15-09

My wife's recap of Boot Camp was so good last night that I had to go this morning to get my own torture...

I am still getting used to the new Marines and their way of doing things. We started with group stretches and then a quick warm up. We broke up into two groups. My group went to the track on the roof and started running. We ran at a fast tempo until the Marines yelled stop and gave us an exercise to do. We repeated this for a while. I was able to run about one and a half miles before we headed back downstairs.

Once our group made it downstairs we did max effort sets of exercises (short rests in between). I like this workout because you can really push yourself. I made a point to help a new person with squats (it kills me to see someone doing squats when their back in going forward).

We ended the workout as a full group. Out of nowhere comes this new Marine. I can't remember the last time I dropped to the floor and jumped back up that many times. I really don't know what he was saying, buy I kept yelling YES SIR!


  1. YOu've inspired me to start boot camp! A load of friends and I are starting next month. Woo hoo!

  2. That is too cool! You will love it (well, you will hate it at times...). Let me know how it goes.


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