Track Workout - 9-30-09

The last day of September! I can not believe how fast summer went by this year...

My son was having trouble sleeping last night (he has a sinus infection) and jumped in my bed at 4:00am. He had just fallen asleep when my alarm went off. I decided to sleep in and do my track workout in the afternoon. I was really bummed about missing the workout this morning, it was in the mid fifties this morning and I love the track!

I made it to the track at lunch time and started with a warm up and then did Yasso 800's.

1 x 800 warm up
8x 800 (3:53) active rest (same amount of time)
1 x 800 cool down

My times were fast, but I could not help it. I was feeling great. The weather was nice and I get pumped when I am running on a track (should have ran track in high school - no I hated running in high school...).

I am not sure what happened on the first 800, but I was thinking the pace was much faster and I did it in (3:15). The rest of my splits were much better (3:35, 3:41, 3:39, 3:40, 3:35, 3:41, 3:41). I could have done more, but I ran out of time and had to get back to work.


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