Mid Week Run - 10-1-09

My six mile mid week run was all about working on hitting marathon pace (8:52).

I ran down Coleman Blvd in Mount Pleasant at about 5:45am. The temperature was in the low sixties and felt great. The run felt pretty comfortable, but there is a downhill slope going out and an incline coming back that always works against me.

I started with a warm up mile (9:55) and then picked it up for the rest of the run (8:40, 8:40, 8:50, 8:52, 8:58). Not much of a cool down, but I did do fifty push ups when I got back (missing Boot Camp has started to show on my arms).

I have been nursing a sore knee since Saturday's race. It seems like my knees always feel sore right after I do any running on hills. I am hoping to get over it with some rest tomorrow and be ready for the long run on Saturday. I also bought some new shoes and started breaking them in today. I think that will help as well.

Just a little gripe, I wear Asics Keyano's and they all have tears where my big toe comes up. I know that my big toes stick up when I am concentrating (not sure why and not sure why I just told everyone this fact), but you would think that these shoes would be made with material that would not tear so easily. I don't want to change shoes right before a race so I bought another pair, but I think this will be my last. Not sure what I will go with next.


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