Mid Week Run - 10-08-09

When you are told that you should get a lot of sleep before a race it sure makes it easy to sleep in...

I ran my six miles this afternoon. I used my usual route from my office to the Citadel and back. I know I should probably mix the route up a little, but I like knowing where each mile is going to start and end. I also like knowing where I can get water and where I can use a restroom.

When I use this route I run past a place called Queen Street Grocery. Its pretty close to my office and I run by it all the time. Its a great place to get a healthy lunch. I recently started going there; they make a great berry smoothie.

OK, back to the run...

If I would have done my run this morning I would have tried for a little faster pace. I decided to keep it right around marathon pace for the afternoon. I figure if I can run it in the heat of the afternoon in downtown Charleston than I can do it at the Marine Corps Marathon.

I warmed up with a mile (9:46) and then picked it up (8:54, 8:55). I am always slower on my turn around mile (9:02). I picked it up again on the way back (8:56, 8:55). I wanted to try for negative splits so I did not run a cool down mile. I did do some stretching when I was done.

It was a good run. I am really feeling good about the upcoming race. I am still nervous about hitting my goal time of under four hours, but I figure as long as I can keep from cramping up I should do a lot better than my first marathon. I know I have trained a lot harder (and smarter) than I did for the first one...

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