Turkey Day Run

There is no better way to start off Thanksgiving than by joining 5,000 people in downtown Charleston for a 5k!

Not only did I get to run the Charleston Turkey Day run, I finally got to watch my wife finishing a race.  She is usually the one waiting for me after my race or in the past was caring my son during his early tries at running.  This is the first time I was able to get to the finish line and see her come through.  I knew she was feeling weak before the race, but she really looked happy as she crossed the finish line.

I know I usually write about all the running activities I do with my son, but this was a chance for my wife and I to get out and experience a race together and it was a blast!  We even stayed after for a little while and listened to the band, ate some bananas and bagels, and hung out with some of our friends that had run the race.  I am truly thankful that I am able to share the joy of running with my entire family.

On a side note, I hit a personal best for the 5k (23:50).  I have not been training very hard this month and did not go out to run very fast.  After the run I felt great and could not believe it when I saw the clock.  My Garmin had my time even faster (23:43)!

This morning I ran six and a half miles (9:50, 9:39, 10:01, 9:50, 9:25, 8:24).  I wanted to do negative splits to work on finishing better.  I tend to die at the end of my races.  It felt good and I may have even worked off some of the turkey from yesterday.


  1. YAY for the new PR, Noah! That's awesome! And that's great that you got to see your wife finish the race, too. :) Sounds like a great start to Thanksgiving.

  2. woowhoo! New PR! way to go!!! thats GREAT!

    running with the family... what a GREAT tradition :)

    good job on your 6 miles too! :)


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