Not a stranger, just another runner...

I have found that runners are some of the nicest people.  I see it at races, at the track and I know how my running group takes in people that are visiting the area.  Its nice to be around all these people that just don't see people as strangers.

Yesterday, I went out for my long run.  I was planning on running twelve miles out to Sullivan's Island and back. As I made it to the top of the Ben Sawyer Bridge it was opening to let the ships through the Intercoastal Waterway.  There were at least twenty sailboats lined up and I knew it was going to take a while so I turned around to go back to Mount Pleasant.  As I was running back I saw another runner and told him I thought it was going to be a while.

I usually don't wear headphones on my runs, but I was running alone and I needed some motivation.  A few seconds after hitting the bottom of the bridge the runner I had passed came up along side of me.  I took off my headphones and we started talking and running together.  We ended up running about four miles together.  I learned that he was new to running and was planning on running a half marathon next year on his 40th birthday (a lot like my plans to run a marathon on my 40th birthday next year).  He was visiting the area from Columbia, SC, with his wife and two kids.  He talked about the Marine Mud Run that he did in Columbia and I talked about the Citadel Bull Dog Challenge (they sound a lot alike).  As we made it to his turnaround point we exchanged names and shook hands.

I ran for a few more miles and headed back home.  I ended up running my splits fairly well (9:45, 9:42, 9:33, 9:16, 9:10, 9:30, 9:45, 9:55, 9:55, 9:54, 9:55, 9:30).  When I got back home my wife asked me how my run was and I told her about running with this guy named Kevin from Columbia. Not a stranger, just another runner...

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  1. LOVE IT! .. sooo cool.
    :) I had a great experience last night in the cold as I passed 2 ladies walking.... we were running opposite around the university and I passed them 5 or 6 times... we waved and the last time we had a great "you are doing".. "so are YOU" little conversation :)

    sometimes I want to ask some of the runners I pass or who pass me.. "what are you training for?" how long have you been running? you know.. I think ever runner has a inspirational story ! :) .... but I think people would think i was very strange :)

    happy running!


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