Not a race, just a Christmas Eve Morning Run

Not a race, just a Christmas Eve Morning Run...

I ran my five mile tempo run this morning.  It's Christmas Eve and a beautiful day.  It was over 50 degrees this morning and the sun was beating down.

There were a lot of runners out, but one stood out.  I usually wear black shorts and a white top (not sure why, but this makes up most of my running color spectrum).  I recently bought a dark blue long sleeve shirt that I wanted to wear this morning.  You can't wear black shorts with a dark blue shirt, so I put on my only non black shorts which are light grey.  So there I was running in my dark blue long sleeve shirt and my light grey shorts and what should I see running in front of me?  You got it, some guy in the same outfit!  What the hell?  We were running on the same street, about twenty yards apart, at the same pace.  We looked like we were on a team.  He was not aware of this because he was in front of me.  I came close to speeding up my pace just so I could pass him and he would have to think about the chances of this happening, but the turn to my house was coming up and if he increased his pace we would end up running next to each other and I would totally look like I was stalking him.  Such are the things one thinks of when running on Christmas Eve...

Recap for the last week:

Wednesday - 5 Mile Tempo Run (12:43, 7:56, 7:58, 7:56, 10:08)
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Track - 8 x 400 with drills
Saturday - 10 Mile Long Run Over the Bridge(10:03, 9:51, 9:52, 10:00, 8:57, 9:38, 9:33, 9:15, 9:17, 9:05)
Sunday - Rest
Monday - Boot Camp Workout
Tuesday - No workout (had visitors)

Merry Christmas!


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