Running in December

I love running in December...

Ok, granted it was a beautiful day with the temperature over seventy this afternoon.  After a few cold mornings, it was awesome getting out and breaking a sweat in the hot sun.  I got a little carried away and ended up running nine miles (that's about three more miles than I had planned).

I also changed my route and ran over the Cooper River Bridge.  I love running over the bridge.  Seeing the Yorktown in the distance, watching the tugboats pushing the container ships and seeing all the sailboats circling the waters is just amazing.  Looking up at the sky from the top of the bridge is not too bad either...

I wanted to keep a steady pace today.  The incline on the bridge and the wind made it hard, but I was able to keep a pretty even pace (9:03, 9:05, 9:08, 9:06, 9:07, 8:56, 8:45, 9:08, 9:04).  My legs were a little tired when I was done, but man did it feel good!  I am running a tempo run in the morning and it is probably going to suck, but it was worth it.

I put in some good runs over the last week:

Friday - I was back on the track.  I ran 1200's at below 5k pace with 2 minute rest.
Saturday - I ran with a small group for about 7 miles (9:46, 8:56, 8:58, 8:50, 9:00, 8:44, 8:27) and then ate pancakes!
Sunday - I went out for a six mile run (9:00, 8:50, 9:45, 9:40, 9:08, 9:00) in the rain, I love running in the rain!
Monday - I ran six miles (9:35, 9:32, 9:52, 9:46, 9:25, 9:33)

Friday was wicked cold.  I just wanted to keep running to get the workout over with.  I had a great time on the Saturday Pancake Run.  Nothing like eating pancakes after a run.  Sunday was really crazy.  I was feeling like I had eaten too much on Saturday and just wanted to get out and burn some calories.  I made it to the turnaround point and the skies just opened up on me.  It rained so hard I thought I was going to have to swim.  I'm also pretty sure that a few cars were intentionally getting closer to the larger puddles as they passed me!

The weather is a little crazy, but at least I am still running in December...


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