2010 Resolution Run 5k - A New Personal Best!

Two days into the year and I have already accomplished one of my goals!!!

I ran the 2010 Resolution Run this morning and finished in 23:31.  I was so siked!  I have been trying to break 23:50 for a year.  I knew one of my problems was that I go out too fast and crash on my last mile, but bad habits are hard to break...

I worked on this with Coach Greg on Friday at the track.  We did 3x400 (5k pace) and then 2x1200 (5k pace).  I finally got a feel for the pace.  We also talked about keeping the pace for the whole race and how to increase my effort on the last mile.  Having a certified running coach to talk with about race strategy (not just to win, but how to run a race) is invaluable.  I have been following his workouts for the past few months and feel really good about my progress.  Now I want to go faster!

The Resolution Run is one of my favorite races.  The route starts at the Joe Riley Stadium and goes around Hampton Park and the Citadel Parade Grounds.  There are usually more people at the race, but it was cold (way too cold for Charleston).  It was about thirty five degrees when the race started.  I lined up near the front and tried to stay warm.  I looked around for people I was going to pass at the end of the race (always good to dream).  I was really concentrating on not going out too fast when the race started. 

I was able to keep my pace right at 7:35 for most of the race and even went faster for my last mile.  This is a major breakthrough for me, I always slow down at the end of every race (no matter the distance). 

I was so excited when the finish line came into view.  When I saw my time, I was all smiles. 

I know I can run far, but dropping time is always a thrill - and I did pass some of those people I saw at the starting line...


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