An Epic Battle!

My battle with the elements came early in this race...

I woke up early and completely changed my mind about what I was going to wear to the Charlie Post Classic 15K.  The temperature was in the 50's (not the 20's as I had been led to believe).  There was just a light mist coming down (not a torrential down pouring of rain).  So I packed a bag of clothes to change into after the race, put on a light long sleeve shirt and shorts and started to walk out the door.  I suddenly had a feeling that I should bring an extra shirt.  I threw in a long sleeve running jacket and headed to the race.

The race was on Sullivan's Island so it was less than five minutes from my house.  In another last minute decision, I stopped by the grocery store and looked for a throw away poncho.  I found two ($.99 each) and purchased both.  When I got to the island I was directed to a parking spot by a volunteer.  I got out and put on my plastic poncho.  The volunteer who helped me find a parking spot commented about what a good idea it was to have the poncho.  I grabbed the other one and gave it to him.  He was totally grateful.  I write about how nice runners are all the time, I think it may be rubbing off on me...

Everyone was waiting inside the fire department for the race to start.  I was absolutely siked when I found the Starbucks coffee!  There were a few people that I knew and we stood there and talked about the weather (why not).  Speaking of the weather, it started to get worse.

The rain was now pouring down, the wind had picked up and it was getting colder.  I am sure it dropped about ten degrees while I was waiting.

I ran a half mile warm up and was soaked (and cold) even with my poncho.  I lined up with all the other crazy people and the race started.

The first mile we passed Fort Moultrie (Edgar Allen Poe was stationed there and some of the streets are named after him and his writings - very cool place to visit).  

At the one and a half mile mark, I noticed a river in front of me.  Now, I have run on this island many times and knew that there was not a river on the island.  However, today there was a river and I had to cross.  Now the race was on!  

We came around the next corner and the 5k runners went to the finish line while the rest of us headed to the other side of the island.  I had to run through three more "rivers" during the race and even ran through some yards (it was either that or swim).  All the while, it was pouring down rain.  There were times that the wind was so hard it felt like it was going to blow me off the road.  It was a battle!  

I had been keeping a steady pace (the best I could with the wind) and running behind a group of runners.  At mile six I felt good and moved to pass.  Now I knew I was at least going to be four places higher :)  At this point, I took off my poncho (no, that description is just not good enough).  I took off that poncho like Superman rips off his shirt right before he jets off into the sky!  I am sure that anyone who saw it was completely impressed.  That's when I saw a few more people ahead and worked my way up.  They were faster, but I stepped it up and made my pass.  

As I made it to the finish line a runner passed me and another one was coming up next to me.  I was not having any of it, I picked up my pace and finished in front of that ninety year old lady (OK. Not sure how old she was but she was not beating me).  It was an epic battle!

I had a blast at this race!  It was so much fun.  I set a PB (1:18:48)!  I ran in the rain and I had an adventure.  What could be better than that on a cold rainy Saturday morning?

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