Pre Race Track Workout

My track workout this morning was geared at setting my pace for my 15K race in the morning:

1x800 warm up
Agility Drills
2x400 (full recovery)
2x800 (full recovery)
1x1200 (full recovery)
1x800 cool down

I was working on hitting a 8:00 pace on all of my runs.  I felt pretty good, but I was a little fast on the first two 400's.  I finally found my pace and ran pretty close on the 800's and the 1200.

I was watching the weather today before I went to pick up my race packet.  Everyone was talking about how cold and rainy its going to be.  I had not registered for the race, so if I decided not to do it I was not going to be out any money.  Then it hit me, how often do I get to run a race two miles from my house and freeze my ass off?  How many times will I get a chance to run on the island with a bunch of people fighting crazy wind and pouring rain?  How sick is that?  I love it!

I really do hate running in the cold, but I love running in the rain.  Who knows, this could be my best run ever.  I am certain I will set a new Personal Best, well it's my first 15K so I have to set a PB :)

I headed to the packet pickup and got my awesome shirt and race number (not much else).  I did notice that the race is sponsored by Starbucks so there's hope that they will have coffee on hand!


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