Workout Recap 1-25-2010

My abs are wrecked, as in I feel like a truck ran over me!

This morning's Boot Camp workout was brutal.  Apparently, someone told the Marines that they were getting a better workout with a different group.  I doubt anyone will be saying that for a while.  These guys have really stepped it up.

Recap of my workouts for the last few days:

Friday - I missed the morning track workout so I went for a six mile run in the afternoon (9:05, 9:10, 9:15, 9:26, 8:59, 9:05).

Saturday - Group run - I ran four miles on my own (10:20, 10:10, 9:52) and then met up with my running group to do six more miles.  We ran over the Cooper River Bridge and back to the Old Village.  I was leading the pace so I started off slow and then did negative splits on the way back (11:50, 9:24, 9:25, 8:54, 8:48, 8:24).  It was a great run!

Sunday - I did a track workout with my son.  I warmed up with him for a mile.  That's right, my six year old son can now run a one mile warm up with me!  As I did my work out (10 x 200 80% max with 200 rest) he ran (8 x 100 with 100 rest).  I did some drills after that and then did a cool down 800.  My son ended up running a total of 2 miles!

Monday - Boot Camp - we did six abdominal exercises and then ran two laps around the track (x3 ).  After the third set we paired up and did leg throws (one person down and one person up - top person throws the other person's legs down and that person raises them back up - its tough!).  Then we did paired up crunches (2 minutes max, 1 minute max, 45 seconds max).  I felt bad for the girl I was partnered with because I was a sweaty mess!

Legs feel good, abs are a mess...


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