Running After a Crappy Night...

Not running towards a crappy night, running after having a crappy night.

Less than two days after finally regaining basketball supremacy and being ranked number one in the country, my beloved UK Wildcats lost last night.  Not only did they lose their first game of the season, they lost to the University of South Carolina (the other USC).  Now I have to hear about it on every radio station and see it in the paper.  Not only that, but I had to hear about during my group tempo run this morning!!!

Yesterday, I ran a quick four miles at work.  The wind was crazy and I needed to get back to work so I made it quick (9:19, 9:19, 8:30, 8:23).

This morning, I woke up and was so pissed about the game last night (not only did we lose, but I stayed up late to watch it).  I really did not want to do anything but go back to bed.  It was cold out and I had a million other reasons to just stay in bed.  Lucky for me, I have a hungry cat and dog that have become accustomed to me getting up at 5:00am.  They were going nuts as soon as they heard my alarm.

I finally made it to the gym and met up with a good size group of runners.  We broke up into three groups, but ran our first mile together (11:47).  We picked up the pace for the next three miles (7:52, 7:54, 8:01) and then slowed down for a cool down mile (10:01).  I had decided to run a 15K this weekend so I didn't want to push the pace too fast, but I still wanted a good workout.

I was running with a friend of mine, Michael, and as we were nearing the end of the run he caught his toe on the sidewalk and did a flip.  I am serious, he really flipped over!  After checking with him to see if he was okay, I totally lost it and laughed my ass off.  He had not only flipped over, but he did a stuntman roll and jumped back up and continued to run (cool, but very funny).

We finished up at the gym and of course the ribbing started about UK losing the game.  I made my own comments about USC (the other one) and then described Michael's amazing stuntman flip.

As I drove back home, I was thinking about how I felt when I got up this morning.  I will keep this day in my motivation reserve for mornings to come.  If I had not made it out of bed I would have missed a great run, hanging out with friends and most importantly the amazing flip!

Oh! By the way, if you go to the blog you can enter a drawing for two bags (even if you don't enter the drawing its a great blog to read).


  1. BTW, I have managed to train my dogs not to expect ANYTHING at 5.15 am, and if they're lucky, I don't trip over the black Border collie in the dark!

  2. They have both figured out that I don't want to wake up my son and wife. Its like animal blackmail. Next time they go out of town I am going to work on breaking the cycle :)

  3. By the way, when I read this the other day I was cracking up!! Watching your running friend do a ninja stuntman flip would've been hilarious!

    And thank you so much for the shout out. You rock, dude!

  4. It really was one of the best flips of all time :)


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