Five Hundred - Oorah!

5 exercises x 100 reps = worn out...

Yesterday was a tempo run and I ran it on the Cooper River Bridge.  We had a big group of about twenty runners and really pushed the pace the whole way (9:35, 7:46, 7:55, 8:48, 7:10).  I have been fighting a cold and was not feeling one hundred percent, but the run felt awesome!

Now back to this morning.  Boot Camp was just plain brutal.

We were all standing around waiting for the Marines to come in the gym to start our stretch (I was showing off my new crazy injinji socks) when all of a sudden the Marines run in and yell, "GET ON YOUR FACE!".  Something was a little different about today...

We immediately started doing pushups and then did four laps around the track for a warm up.  We came back to the gym to find a list of five exercises posted on the wall:

Body Squats
Start Jumpers

We had to do 100 reps of each exercise (any order and in any amount).  This workout really tests your integrity, it would have been very easy to do less or just cheese the effort.  Although the Marines were walking around the gym "inspiring" us, this was about pushing yourself as hard as possible to complete the task.

I changed up the order of the exercises a little, but mostly did sets of 20 each until I was finished.  I was dead!  I  finished in a little over thirty minutes.  After that, we were sent to the track to start running.  I did a recovery lap and then picked up the pace.  As I was coming around the corner, one of the Marines yelled at me and three other people to get on the rowing machines.  We went max effort for about three minutes and then went back to the track and ran some more (my legs were numb).

We went back to the gym and did some more exercises (which I can not even remember at this point).  We finished by running to the center of the gym yelling our best war cry (I barely remember that)...



  1. it sounds fun from a safe distance! Good job on finishing!

  2. sounds like a crazy tough workout... maybe i'll have to get insane enough to try it one day. what are 'start jumpers' though?

  3. oops, that would be "star jumpers". Squat all the way down, jump into the air and spread your legs and arms at the same time. Finish back in starting position (kind of make a star when you jump). I am still feeling it today!


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