Back to Boot Camp

I made it back to Boot Camp this morning - ouch...

I took a full rest day on Sunday after running my race on Saturday.

I was able to get in a 5.6 mile run yesterday morning.  I left my car at the garage over the weekend and decided to run there and drive back.  I did a loop around the Old Village.  This was a recovery run so my pace was pretty slow (9:45, 9:31, 9:23, 9:33, 9:20).  It was still dark out, so I used my cool new blinking red light.  I have had a few close calls lately so I decided to get a PETZL e+LITE that can go on a hat, shirt or just wrap around my wrist (I went with the wrist option this morning).  I only had two cars pass me the whole morning - what a rip...

Back to today.  Why did I pick today to get back to Boot Camp?  Once again it was full on abs!  This time the Marines even mixed in some medicine balls (how thoughtful).

We did a quick stretch and then ran four laps around the track.  We came back down to the gym and started running in a circle.  One of the Marines yelled at me to come with him (that's what you get for missing a week).  We went to another workout room and I helped him carry a huge storage box of medicine balls (that's right, not a few medicine balls - A BOX OF MEDICINE BALLS!).

After that, it was "abs time"!  They broke us up into two groups and told us to find a partner.  I paired up with my friend Michael (known forever more as Ninja Stuntman).  We got into two long lines and faced each other.  One person did crunches, while the other person held their legs (max effort - 1 min, 45 sec, 30 sec).  Then we did a ton of other abdominal exercises.  After that we switched with the other group to do more abs (this time with the medicine balls I helped bring to the gym).  We stayed with our partner and moved about ten feet apart.  One person would throw the medicine ball to the other person (as you threw the ball, you would come down and do a push up).  We did a bunch of other exercises with the medicine ball until my abs and arms felt like they were going to explode. 

I thought it was funny when the Marines said to be ready for a "real workout" on Thursday (except no one was laughing) - ouch...


  1. I've been running alot with the headlamp(it's dark in the AM!). It's kinda fun. The one you picked up looks cool. Petzl rocks!

    That commment about the BOX of medicine balls had me laughing!

  2. I love that light. It is working great!


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