Night Run, Boot Camp and Missing a Run.

To all my fellow Palmetto200 runners, I am sorry you missed my company this morning...

Monday was so hectic I was unable to run until after 9:00pm. I would have skipped it, but I needed to run off some of my Super Bowl munchies.

I thought it was going to be much colder and I way over dressed. I was wearing running pants and two long sleeve shirts. By the time I had gone a mile I was sweating.

I ran an out and back down Coleman Blvd to the top of the Shem Creek Bridge. It was really windy on the bridge (the only place I felt properly dressed). I was able to see all the shrimp boats docked and there were a ton of people heading in and out of all the restaurants (very cool at night). I was not paying any attention to my pace, I just wanted to run. I ended up running a little over five miles (9:28, 9::46, 9:48, 9:30, 9:06).
Tuesday morning I woke up and went to Boot Camp. I havd not been able to make it for the past few days so I was looking forward to getting back. I had no idea it was going to be "kill Noah's abs" day. I am still hurting!

We started off with the normal stretches and warm up exercises and then ran three laps around the inside track and then a bunch of laps around the gym (about one mile total). Then it was ab time.

I swear to you, it was forty minutes of pure abs! Plank, crunches, Russian twist, plank, crunches, leg lifts, etc... I noticed last night that my neck was killing me. It must be from raising my head off the floor the whole time. It hurts like hell today (I wonder if anyone else is feeling the same thing)...

I woke up late and missed my tempo run this morning. It was cold and windy, but I was really looking forward to running with my group. You may have guessed already, but I am a kind of a loud mouth and show off, so I sent out emails yesterday stating that the wind would make us run faster. Today I have received several emails and Facebook postings that are not so kind. But I still think the wind made them run faster :)


  1. i love sore abs! hurts, but in a good way. sorry your neck got a little strained - don't love that part.

    hope you are able to meet up with your group this weekend for a run!

  2. Abs and neck are better. It snowed so the group run this morning was canceled! It has been a bad week for running...


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