Super Bowl Sunday is the Perfect Rest Day!

I finished the week with two fast days and a long run.

Thursday, I went out for a four mile quick run.  We really didn't do a Tempo Run on Wednesday, so I wanted to get a fast four miles in with negative splits to help train my body to work harder on these short runs (8:39, 8:26, 8:04, 7:52).

Friday, I did a track workout.  I ended up running about five and half miles of intervals:
1x800 warm up
6x200 (100 rest interval - same time as effort)
6x300 (200 rest interval - same time as effort)
6x400 (300 rest interval - same time as effort)  
1x800 cool down
effort = faster than 5k pace

I hit all my times, but the last 6x400's were no joke.  I was feeling every inch of the bridge runs I had done earlier in the week.  When I looked at my watch I was shocked at the distance.  Nothing like working hard on the track to get ready for a long run the next day...

Saturday, I met up with the Palmetto200 runners for an eight mile run (which turned out to be nine miles).  I was leading a pace group (9:15-9:30), which ended up being two of us (11:09, 9:35, 9:26, 9:12, 8:52, 8:53, 8:54, 8:42, 8:41).  We went through a great part of the Old Village.  I was running with my friend Michael again.  He had not seen much of this area so it was cool to run it with him (even if he didn't do a ninja stuntman flip, roll, jog this time).  We hit our pace (maybe a little fast at the end) and ended up running nine miles, which ended up being Michael's longest run!

Today, I am resting up for a long week.  Plus, its Super Bowl Sunday - GO COLTS!!!


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