There's Something About Running with a Big Group...

Maybe its the big mob thing, but there is just something cool about running with a big group.

Yesterday, I ran six miles as a recovery to the eight I did over the Bridge on Monday.  I went out to the Citadel and back to my office.  At about two miles out, the rain hit me full force.  I love the rain, but it makes it a little hard getting back into the office when I am soaking wet (good thing I have a shower at my office).

The pace was slow with negative splits (9:53, 9:48, 10:00, 9:43, 9:24, 9:15).  I was deliberately trying to keep the pace slow so I would be fresh for my group run today.  There's something about running with a big group that makes you want to run better...

We had a change in plans and the tempo run I usually do on Wednesdays was changed to none other than a Bridge Run!  How lucky was I to get to run the Bridge three times in one week.

I really was looking forward to the run.  Last night, I finished "Once a Runner".  What a cool book.  If you have not read this book, you should!  It is so freaking good!  I was so psyched for the group run that I jumped out of bed this morning without hesitation.  When I drove up to the Bridge parking area I saw a bunch of cars and runners.  There is something about running with a big group that is so exciting.

I don't mind running alone (I do it all the time), but having a bunch of people running together is just so cool.  Even though we were all spread out by the time we made it to the top of the Bridge it was cool knowing we were all up there, attacking that run together. 

I ran at a pretty good pace, but my legs were really tired from my race and my last two runs.  I tried to keep the uphill pace fast and then attack the downhill (9:26, 8:03, 8:26, 8:47, 8:05).  There was an extra half mile at the end that I was running sub 7:00 pace.

There's something about running with a big group that makes you want to run faster...


  1. running with other people makes any pace seem much easier than it would be alone! it's also a nice change from the usual running alone. i typically run alone m-f but i try to get up with a group on saturdays.

    i'm jealous of your charleston life :) i am from greenville... currently in kentucky though for work. i think one of your previous posts said you were from ky and now in sc? trade? ;)

  2. No chance on the trade :) I love KY, but if I am complaining about the cold now I can not imagine how I would be up there!


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