100 Mile Adventure Log

I created a new running log for my six year old son, "The 100 Mile Adventure Log".  There is a link to download it on the right hand column.

Peyton is so excited, he has already completed two miles!  Who knew that giving a kid a chart to color would make him so excited about running?  He even went to the track with me this morning.  He did about 3/4 of a mile (he has the Cooper River Bridge Kids Race this afternoon and it is a 1/4 mile).

Yesterday was Boot Camp Graduation.  No workout, just got our t-shirts and some awards were given out.  The next session starts in about two weeks.  Not sure how much I will be doing, I am going to ramp up my mileage and sometimes Boot Camp does not go so well with running high mileage.

Today I did an easy track workout to dial in my pace for tomorrow's race:
1x400 warm up
2x400 (1:57) full recovery
2x800 (3:54) full recovery
1x400 cool down

I love the Bridge Run, but it is crowded (close to 40,000 people) and it does have a crazy incline at mile three (the Bridge).  I have no idea how I will do, but I am going to give it my best shot.  I have already decided that I am okay with puking at the end of the race :)

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  1. Clearly you've created a running beast! Congratulations! ;) And good luck with your race man. Blow their doors off!


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