Beating Up Turtles and Running Hard

Not sure where to start...

Monday afternoon I went for a six mile recovery run.  I did an out and back to the Citadel.  I know I use this route a lot, but it is so nice.  I get to run down Queen Street and then around Colonial Lake.  Then I get to run next to the Ashley River all the way to the Citadel.  You can't ask for much more.

Tuesday I went to Boot Camp in the morning and was treated to one crazy workout.  First we partnered up (I was with Ninja Stuntman).  We were given some instructions and then one of us held on to a punching pad and the other one did the workout.  We hit the bag with an open hand, then a closed fist, then elbows, then knees.  This was for five minutes straight.  We switched and did this two more times.  There was a turtle on the bag that I swear people were hating.  Plus, I realized that there is a lot of angry people in Boot Camp.  They were really pummeling that poor turtle...

Wednesday I ran a five mile tempo run in the morning and then a five mile run in the afternoon.  It felt great to get in two good runs.

Today was a wash.  I am going to count this as a rest day and forget about it.

Tonight I am going to speak to the Healthy Charleston Challenge participants (kind of Charleston's version of the Biggest Loser).  I am going to talk about setting big goals.  Funny how things can change over two years.  I never dreamed that I would have finished three half marathons, two full marathons and would be training for a 200 mile relay as well as another marathon on my 40th birthday.

I may talk about those goals or just tell them about beating up turtles and running hard...


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