Track Workout - 3-5-10

My track workout this morning was frickin awesome!

I got to the track at about 5:40am (and yes, I was complaining about the cold weather from the time I walked out of my house until I got back inside my house).  I do love getting to the track when its dark and no one is around.  I started with an easy 800 meter warm up and then did some stretches. Coach Greg showed up and had me do some drills (high knees, side steps, etc...).

He broke out the workout board and it looked pretty simple:

1 x 800 warm up

6 x 600 (2:24) - 200 jog / full recovery

1 x 800 cool down

My first 600 was 2:30. I was 6 seconds off the mark. When I start a track workout that is this fast I literally have to convince my mind that I am not going to die and then I start to settle down and find my groove. After that I ran really well (2:24, 2:22, 2:22, 2:23, 2:24). I was stoked that I was able to hit my mark on every 600. I was completely surprised that my last 600 was right on the money.

Shout out to Coach Greg for not letting me quit and pushing me to hit my times.

You can't get faster unless you run faster! (something like that...)


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