Long Run - 14 Miles - 3-6-10

What a great runner's day!

I woke up yesterday to a beautiful Lowcountry  morning.  The weather was cool, but nice enough to wear shorts.  I grabbed my gloves and hat and drove over to St. Andrews to meet the Palmetto200 Team.  I was early so I ran a three mile warm up around the Old Village.

As I was running near the water I looked over the harbor to Charleston.  I knew our route was going to be over the Cooper River Bridge to Downtown and was once again in awe of the space we were about to cover.  I picked it up and met the group.  I had a minute to run inside and get some water before we took off on our ten mile run.

I was leading a group of four runners at the 9:15-10:15 pace.  Our whole group of about twelve runners took off together for a slow first mile.  We crossed over the Shem Creek Bridge and got a glimpse of the shrimp boats lined up on the dock (one of the best views in Mount Pleasant).  We hit mile two and picked up the pace.

As my group ran up the bridge I was trying to be watchful of all the runners to ensure that we didn't leave anyone behind.  At the top of the bridge we packed it together and attacked the decline (it felt good to stretch out my legs).  At the bottom of the bridge we drank from the water fountain and then headed towards the Aquarium.  This part of the route is really flat and takes a few minutes to get used to after running the bridge.

We got to the turnaround and packed together again.  We ran back over the Bridge and I started to lose one of our runners, but as we were coming down she shot out in front of us.  I picked up the pace and we ran down the decline faster than before!  At the bottom of the Bridge we were all together and ran back to the start.  I was stoked to have my group together at the end.

I wanted to get in a total of fourteen miles so after the other runners made it back to the start I ran one more mile around the Old Village.

We stood around talking and waited for all the other runners to get back.  Everyone was talking about getting breakfast so we went as a group.  We had a great time (even if everyone was smelling pretty bad).

How many people join a gym and gain a great group of friends at the same time?  I even took my family to meet up with the group later that night for dinner.

Like I said, it was a great runner's day...


  1. Nice, Noah! You are really enjoying the long runs lately!

  2. I am going to mix up my training after my 10k on March 27th. I want to really ramp up my miles. I want to be able to test some of my theories on why I cramped up on my last two marathons. After that I am signing up for an Ultra!


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