Is All that Running Worth it???

This is my last weekend before the race next week and I am in full taper mode.

I ran seven miles on Saturday morning.  I was not looking for a fast pace, but got one anyway...  We stayed at close to 8:00 pace the whole way, except for the way up the Copper River Bridge (9:20) and I had a sub 8:00 on the way back down.  My legs felt really tight and I am hoping this is still from my traveling last week.

I coached my son's soccer team from 11:00am to 12:00pm and then ran four and a half miles from the field back to my house (9:15).  It was warm, but I felt good (and it was cool that my family was there to see me off and greet me when I got home).

Today I rested (kind of)...
I did go for a hike and kicked the soccer ball around with my son (and took care of my sick wife), but no running.

The trail my son and I hiked, Patriots Point Trail, was really nice and I am going to incorporate it into some of my runs after this week.  I think it was about one and a half miles long, shaded and came out on the Charleston Harbor.  It was right behind where my son plays soccer (I had no idea it was even there).  I wonder how many more jewels like this are waiting to be discovered.

Oh, if you ever wondered "is all that running worth it?".  To be able to do this kind of stuff with my son, its way more than just "worth it"...


  1. Amen, brother. I used to get winded chasing my kids up the hill of our driveway. Now I'm running suicides with them at basketball practice. Priceless. Keep the faith.

  2. Hey Joel. I believe it! You can add a whole new level to practice :)
    I heard about your crazy marathon. You are hard core man; cramps and tornadoes...


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