One Week Until the Palmetto 200

One more week and I get to spend about thirty hours in a van with a bunch of smelly runners!

We are starting our taper for the Palmetto 200 so I have been forced to take it easy for at least this next week. The problem is that I am also starting to ramp up my mileage to see if I can give this whole ultra running thing a try...

Wednesday, I ran a five mile tempo run on my own. My legs were really tight from traveling the last few days, so I took it easy on the way out and pushed the pace on the way back. I ran negative splits the whole way and ended up with the last two miles at (8:10 and 7:50).

Thursday afternoon, I ran six miles to the Citadel and back. I was working on not looking at my Garmin as I ran. I want to be able to dial in my pace and get a feel for effort rather than pace. This will be a huge help when its ninety-five degrees outside this summer. When I got back I checked my watch and I maintained a (9:15) pace the whole time. Not bad...

This morning I did a quick track workout:
1x800 warm up
5x800 (10k pace)
1x800 cool down

I was fast on the first two 800's, but settled down on the last three. I am amazed that I am able to know my pace just by feel. I don't even look at my watch until after I finish a repeat. This is a huge improvement over last year.

We have one more long run on Saturday and then its time to pull back. I am not looking forward to this week, but I am unbelievable excited about the Palmetto 200!!!

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  1. I want to get a "feel" for my pace, too. (I'll bet track work really helps with that. I should go to the track sometime.) I just get a very vague average when I'm done running based on my chrono and what I measure out on Map My Run. The last time I was running, I thought, "If somebody passes me, I want to ask them what pace they are running." Funny thought, but I think the more "serious" you get about training that it's just natural to want to know as much as you can.


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