Long Run - 15.5 Miles - 4-17-10

Technically it should be "long run #1 (8 miles) and long run #2 (7.5 miles)", but you know what I mean...

This morning I ran eight miles from the Old Village to Sullivan's Island.  We had about twenty runners running in different groups as part of the Palmetto 200 training.  We took our longest leg of the race and ran that distance.  My longest leg is about eight miles and that matched up with two other runners (Stacey and Ninja Stuntman).

We ran at around 8:30 pace the whole time.  I felt good, but was a little worried that it might hit me later in the day when I went out for my second run (it did).  As always, running over the Ben Sawyer Bridge is amazing.  The bridge is awesome and the view is spectacular.  This really is one of my favorite places to run.

After the run I showered and headed to the soccer field to coach my son's U7 team.  After the game we went to lunch.  I was still thinking about the run that I would be doing later in the day.

From 2:00pm to 3:00pm we watched the Blue Angles show that was going on over the Charleston Harbor.  It was crazy!  After that I headed home, changed and drove over to Sullivan's Island for my afternoon run.

I met Stacey for the run and she had a route that took us all over the island.  It was a great route and kept my mind off how much I was spent.  We were running at a pretty good pace (8:39 average) and had to take a couple of walk breaks at the end to finish up the run.  It was not the distance as much as the sun, heat and everything else I did today that wiped me out...

Off to Washington DC in the morning.  I will make that my 200th post when I get back.


  1. Nice work, again, on the burly doubler. I have so much more respect for you guys who run in heat and humidity after my short Florida sessions. It's really no joke how it zaps your energy!

    Cool that you and Peyton checked out the Blue Angels. I've seen 'em several times and those guys never cease to impress. Bad asses!

    Lastly, enjoy DC. Other than the traffic, great city to run in!

  2. Way cool on the Blue Angels and nice work on the long run(s)! I went with the kids on a cub scout trip to check out Army Blackhawks. Way cool, my brutha. And congrats on the blog!


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