And the Winner is...

Congratulations to Erica H. of EricaRunning! She is the winner of the two pair of Feetures! socks giveaway!!! Thank you Feetures!

By the way, I am now an official Feetures! Ambassador. This was not a stretch since I wear their socks and push them on my friends all the time.  They are the best socks ever made :)

I am wrapping up my last two weeks of training for the Palmetto 200 and I am psyched! This will also be my first 50 mile week of the year and I am feeling great!

Wednesday morning I ran my five mile tempo run. I ran with a great group and averaged about 8:00 pace including the warm up. Wednesday night I ran five miles at 10:30pm. This was a good test for the nighttime running I will be doing during the second leg of the race.

Thursday night I went out for another night run. I ran four miles (9:15). I realized that no matter how many flashing lights and reflective material I have on, I have to be careful. Not only did the people in the cars not see me, I almost got hit by a drunk guy on a bicycle!

This morning I went to the track. This was a good test of running in the morning after a run at night. I felt great. The workout was a good one and I hit all my splits:

1x800 warm up
4x200 (100 recovery)
4x300 (200 recovery)
4x400 (300 recovery)
1x800 cool down

I am resting this afternoon and this evening for my runs this weekend. I will be doing one in the morning, one in the evening and one on Sunday morning. And the miles just keep racking up...


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