Dropping the Bar...

It was hot and humid as I started my long run on Saturday.  It was just before 5:00am so I was wearing my spotlight as I made my way around the Old Village and out to Coleman Blvd.  I only had an hour before the running group showed up so I ran down to Patriots Point and back to St. Andrews.  That's when it happened...

As I did the week before, I was refueling before I continued my run with the group.  I was so happy with my performance the week before that I had decided to copy it down to the last detail.  I knew that this was key to my success as a distance runner and getting it right was a break through.  So I refilled my bottle, took a Thermotab and was about to eat my "Bonk Breaker Bar" when the worst possible thing happened.  That's right, I dropped the bar!!!

Can you believe the luck?  After contemplating (for a long time) wiping the gravel and dirt off the bar I decided I would just have to improvise.  I had not bothered bringing another bar because I knew exactly what I was going to eat and did not want to mess it up...  I ended up eating some jelly beans and figured I would just deal with it.

I ran the next six and a half miles with the group and had no problem with my energy level or cramping.  I felt good as the group ended their run and I began my last eight and a half miles to finish my twenty for the day.

I know the Thermotab is doing the trick (not a sign of cramps).  My energy level really dropped fast during the last mile and a half though(I could tell the difference in losing those two hundred calories).  I finished the run, drank my chocolate milk and headed home.

After eating breakfast, I felt fine and was ready to spend the rest of the day on the boat (the pictures are from the our day on the boat).

Another lesson learned on my quest for distance...


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