Bloody Foot

Sometimes I get back from a run and feel like I've been in a war zone...

I forgot to include in my Saturday Long Run post that I bled all over two pair of shoes.  After about two miles, I noticed that my middle toe on my right foot was hurting.  The pain was coming from the next toe (well the toe nail).  I tried to re adjust my foot, but the pain was still there.

I changed shoes and socks after my running group finished their run and didn't notice that my foot was bleeding.  When I finished my last eight miles I looked down and saw the blood all over my right shoe!  

When I got home and put both pair of shoes on the porch to dry I saw that both right foot shoes were bloody.  I checked out my foot, but only found a small cut.  How does that much blood come from such a small cut?

Anyway, I cleaned up my shoes and put a band aid on my toe and went on with my day.  Yesterday, I ran the bridge and noticed that my band aid had fallen off and the pain was back.  I couldn't believe it, my foot was bleeding again!  I cleaned it up and put a band aid back on and it seemed fine during my next two runs.

Well... I feel better now that I shared that with everyone...

Recap for the week:

Sunday - Rest Day
Monday - 6 mile Recovery Run
Tuesday - Track Workout: 1x800 warm up, drills, 8x200 (100 recovery), 6x300 (200 recovery), 1x800 cool down, soccer with my son
Wednesday - 5.5 mile run over the Bridge (AM), 5.5 mile run downtown (afternoon)
Thursday - 5 mile Tempo Run


  1. That's nuts. I've bled all over shirts before, and even had a tiny speck of a cut that got through my undershirt and all over my shirt during my marathon, but not my shoe before. That's pretty cool looking actually.

  2. I don't mind bleeding from anywhere during a run except for the feet. Most of the time, it's fun to run with a bloody knee or scratched up shins from the trail. Didn't seem like it was painful though, just messy, huh? Oh well, take care of them dogs, man.


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