Guest Blogger - My son Peyton!

I was reviewing my son's first grade journal and was cracking up at all the funny stuff he writes.  I was surprised to see that he wrote about our trip to the Warrior Dash last month.  It was so cute I thought I would share it with you all.  I also could not think of a better person to be my very first guest blogger:

My Weekend: the Warrior Dash
by: Peyton

Sunday, at 5:00am in the morning me and my dad drove to North Charleston.  Then we met two of my dad's friends and we got in my dad's friend's van (it was an SUV) and drove to Mountain City, Georgia to do the Warrior Dash.  It is a two mile run and a one mile obstacle course.  The obstacles are where you climb over a cargo net , go threw big plastic like pipes things, go threw mud and spinning logs in the water and the last thing is when you jump over fire pits as big as a king size bed that is how long they are.

When we were done at about 3:45pm I washed my dad off with a hose.  I put it on jet and sprayed my dad in the face with the hose!  Before we left a helicopter took off like ten feet away from us.

At 4:00pm we left to go back.  It took us six hours to get there and seven to get back (it was closer to five hours each way).  At about 6:30pm we went to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel.  I got gum there and beat my dad at checkers.  We didn't get back until 11:30pm (school night, what a bad parent...).  I only got seven hours of sleep.  It was very fun in Georgia!


  1. Sounds like he had a great time!

  2. How cute is that! I love the things that make an impression, like the helicopter! Couldn't leave that out! And the fire pit the size of a king size bed! He sounds super smart and proud of his dad! Way to set the standard and example for the kiddo! That is what I love most about running!

  3. Great post! Peyton will not only make a great runner, but also a great runner some day!

  4. Thanks for the comments! I have created a monster, he wants to turn our back yard into an obstacle course now!


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