Qu’est-ce que c’est? 12 Hour Run

What is it???  Exactly!

I have officially been invited and signed up for the Qu’est-ce que c’est? 12 Hour Run on July 4th!

From the web site:

"The Qu’est-ce que c’est? 12 h Run will take place in Hampton Park, an inter-city park in Charleston SC. There will be intense humidity and heat. It will be conducted on an asphalt fitness trail, which meanders through the park. It is measured at 1.03 miles and it is not certified. This will be the 6th time we have run a 12h ultra in the park. 

The name “Qu'est-ce que c'est? was chosen for a number of reasons, however the director has difficulty recalling the exact reasons. Some runners speculate the French phrase meaning, “What is it?” (or more literally “What it is?”) was chosen to reflect the difficulty in conceptualizing the distance of the initial run of 50 K. Others believe it refers to a popular song, “Psycho Killer”, by the Talking Heads. One runner said, "It probably just rhymes with 50 K.” Besides the race director’s liking to say Qu’est-ce que c’est?, another reason the name has been maintained is to continue irritating some runners who have difficulty pronouncing it."

This will be my first attempt an an ultra.  The good thing is that I will be running around a short circle for twelve hours, the bad thing is that I will running around a short circle for twelve hours...

The run is invitation only.  You have to answer a bunch of crazy questions and then send them to the race director before he will agree to send you an invitation only application to sign up for the race.  The top of his web site says "Making race registration slow and difficult."

A few people have already committed to being part of my support crew for part of the race.  I can't expect anyone to stay out there for twelve hours (that would be crazy)...

I know it will be hot and humid in July.  Charleston is already brutal in the afternoon.

So its time to get used to the heat!

I have been running in the afternoon for the past few weeks just to get used to the heat and humidity.  Its amazing how the heat crushes your pace.  I know I am putting out the same effort, but my pace has sucked this week.

I ran five miles yesterday afternoon and six today.  I brought water on both days which made a huge difference.  I had to rearrange my running schedule a little this week and ended up missing my track workout.  I tried to get it in all week, but it just did not happen.  I also had to adjust my tempo run to the afternoon (won't do that again).

My legs are still toast from my Sunday run in the hills.  They felt a little better today, so I am hoping my two long runs on Saturday will be okay.  I am planning to run ten miles in the morning and then eight in the afternoon.  If I can get all my runs in I should easily top two hundred miles for the month!

I really only have one goal for this run, I want to complete thirty-one miles (50K).  Its the only way I can add a new sticker to my car :)

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  1. Congratulations on having signed up and been accepted. I'd love to run one, but the mention of the word "ultra" causes fights around here!!

    Good luck!!


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