Post Ultra Recovery Recap

Recovering from a race is just as important as the months of training you put in before the event.

As I had never run a twelve hour race or fifty miles, I was extra cautious on this recovery.  I took it slow and worked my mileage back up.  My legs were really wiped out on my first few recovery runs and my body was screaming at me on my first long run.  After the first week though, my legs started to feel normal and I was temped to ramp up my mileage and start adding double running days.  It was hard, but I stayed with my plan and took the time to let my legs recover:

Week 1
July 4- 50.5 miles - the race
July 5 - rest
July 6 - rest
July 7 - very slow 4 mile recovery run
July 8 - very slow 4 mile recovery run
July 9 - very slow 4 mile recovery run
July 10 - 10 mile long run (slow pace) - my legs were really dead for this run
Total = 22 (not counting the race)

Week 2
July 11 - rest
July 12 - very slow 4 mile recovery run
July 13 - 5k race (part of a series) - just fast enough to stretch the legs
July 14 - 5 mile interval run
July 15 - 7 mile bridge (tempo) run
July 16 - rest
July 17 - 10 mile long run (felt pretty good)
Total = 29 miles

Week 3
July 18 - rest
July 19 - very slow 4 mile recovery run
July 20 - track workout
July 21 - 5.5 mile bridge run
July 22 - 6 mile steady state run
July 23 - 6 mile steady state run
July 24 - 14 mile long run
Total = 42 miles

Other than the heat and humidity I am dealing with, my body feels great.  I am planning on adding some second runs on a few days next week and will gradually have my mileage back to pre race totals.

There are a ton of web sites with recovery plans for marathons. The most important thing is to have a plan before the race.  This will keep you focused and get you ready for your next race.  


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