Qu’est-ce que c’est? by Alex Morton

Not quite ready to write my post about this run, so here is a recap and the results from the race organizer...

Qu’est-ce que c’est? ç by alex morton

The Qu’est-ce que c’est? 12 Hour Run was almost cancelled due to cool weather as most runners demand temperatures in the 100’s. They were disappointed by a cool front that reduced the low temperatures into the 60’s with marginal highs approaching 86 degrees. “This is not what we expected and signed up for!” one runner was overheard complaining about the milder temperatures.

The days was full of running performances that resulted in double previous mileage for many people: Vinh Nguyen, 28, whose previous long race was a marathon, powered on to first with 60.8 miles! Thuy Thantrong, 27, whose long run was a 5K, decided to go for a 50K and stopped with 31.9 miles; and Ian Stewart, 11, decided his 10K long run needed to be replaced with a half-marathon and ran 13.4 miles.

A new application format for the “Qu'est-ce que c'est? 12Hour Run was instituted this year with the theme of “Making Race Registration Slow and Difficult.” Requiring several essay questions to be answered, a phone interview, and the submission of a drawing or picture on the race theme, this process managed to keep the number of runners within the desired number. The awards plaques continued to be created from “found objects” picked up from the highway and helped bring in focus the race name, “Qu’est-ce que c’est?”  Meaning: What is it?

Qu’est-ce que c’est? ç12 Hour
Charleston, South Carolina
July 4 × Paved 1.03 Mile Path

1.   Vinh Nguyen 28                              60.8    
2.   Andrea Stewart 46                          51.5                  
      John Kraus 62 PA                           51.5
3.   Noah Moore 39                                50.5
4.   Karen Pearson 46 GA                     42.2
5.   Lia Knower 49 GA                           40.2    
6.   William Keane  65 NC                     39.1
7.   Lauri Fauerbach-Adams 39 PA      33.0    
8.   Thuy Thantrong 27                          31.9    
      Daniel Lieb 35 NC                            31.9
10. Lynn DiFiore 42 TN                          26.8
      Robert Crosby 51                             26.8
11. Valerie Kraus 59 PA                         20.6
12. Ian Stewart 11        M                        13.4
13. Alex Morton 62 NC                           12.4


  1. I jumped right into the post without reading the disclaimer and... well... I thought it was an odd post :)

    Congratulations again. Can't wait to read about your 50-miler (!) when you are ready to write it.

  2. Thanks! I know, the race director writes some crazy stuff :) I will post mine soon.

  3. Way to go! Top 3 and 50.5 miles to boot. You are a beast, sir!


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