CPrime Review

I'm not going to write too much about this product, but I do want to give my non expert opinion.  IT MADE NO DIFFERENCE ON MY RUN...

Last week, I was in a local sports store buying a pair of football cleats for my son.  This is my favorite sports store and the people who own and run it are great.  The owners were talking to two guys who were doing a demo of the CPrime Bracelet.  They asked me if I would participate and I said sure!

They had me do some balancing and strength tests with and without the bracelet.  For what ever reason it seemed to work (check out their demo video for the tests I did).  I was offered the opportunity to wear the CPrime Bracelet during my long run so I could tell the owners what I thought.  Again, I said sure!

I wish I could tell you that it was awesome and that it made a huge difference in the way my legs felt during and after my run.  Well, I ran my twenty mile long run on Saturday and, unfortunately, I could not tell any difference...

If you want to read about the product and the science behind it you can visit the website at www.cprimeusa.com.  You can also read about other people's reviews just by searching CPrime.  I don't have anything negative or positive to say about the product.  It just did not work for me.

I really thought it was cool that the owners of East Cooper Sporting Goods let me tryout the bracelet without paying the $99.00.  I wish I could give them better news.

Isle of Palms Connector Bridge
Tested on Long Run (Saturday) - Twenty Mile long run (9:50 average).  Awesome long run. The weather was incredible! I ran a route that started in the Old Village, went over the IOP Connector Bridge, over to Isle of Palms, then to Sullivan's Island, over the Ben Sawyer Bridge, and back through the Old Village.

Total for the week = 46 miles


  1. I've been curious about those kinds of bracelets...
    Thanks for your honest opinion!

  2. I love the color of that bracelet..Where can I buy that?I'd like to buy one for a friend.

    chaco sandals

  3. Hey Zoe! I was hoping it would make a big difference, I would have worn that thing everywhere. Oh well...

  4. Hi Kizzy. Welcome to the blog!
    The CPrime web site has the biggest selection and has a list of places to get them.


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