The Countdown...

The countdown has begun...  

The next four weeks seem crazy to me.  I have some really major things happening:

November 2 - I will be on the ballot for the Charleston County Constituent School Board
November 6 - I will be 40 years old
November 6 - I will run the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis
November 20 - I will run the Valley of Fire Marathon in NV

Four years ago I would not have thought of running a marathon or an election.  I even questioned whether or not I would reach my 40th birthday...  Today as I ran my long run and started my two week taper for my marathon I thought about all of these things.  

Last Saturday I literally ran for my campaign.  Early in the planning stages of my election campaign I was also planning my marathon training.  I decided that the best way to visit every school in the district would be to make it part of my long run.  I also wanted to raise awareness for the need to combat childhood obesity through exercise and healthy eating by sharing my story.

I started my twenty mile run at 4:30am at Wando High School and ended at Belle Hall Elementary.  I ran in the dark for most of the morning and was even chased by dogs at one point, but I made it to the end and felt good enough to go run the Race for the Cure 5k an hour later.  

I have learned a lot over the last four years.  It's not only possible to set your goals high, it's possible to reach those goals.

Sometimes a run ends up being more than just running down the road...


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