When a Long Run Starts to Feel Good

The final month before a Fall marathon always feels strange.  I will do my longest runs this month, but my training and the change in weather will make these runs feel easier than the first week of the Summer.

I have always gotten a little nervous before I go out for long runs over 15 miles (and races).  I do them all the time, but I still get this feeling the day before and the morning of these runs (races).  I work it out by having a routine and I try my best to stick to it: 

Day Before: 
Breakfast - Bowel of cereal (I eat Kashi)
Lunch - Salad with Samlmon
Dinner - Pasta dinner with light sauce
Snacks - Nuts and Fruit
Clothes - I organize all my clothes, equipment and after run food I will need for the next day

Long Run Day (Race Day):
Breakfast - Half of a wheat bagel (almond butter and honey) and a bottle of gatorade

This routine may change a little, but it helps to at least do most of it during training so when race days comes it calms my nerves a little...

I stayed with the routine last week and felt pretty good starting my twenty mile long run Saturday.  I met my running group at 4:45am.  The weather was a little warmer than the week before, but it still felt great!  I was going to run with Michael (aka Ninja Stuntman) for the whole route (which was around the Islands and back to the Cooper River Bridge).  This would be Michael's longest run "ever" and his longest run before his first marathon.

I have watched him progress in his running for the last two years and have been seriously impressed.  He had some low points during the Summer that he pushed himself through.  Anyone who has ever felt discouraged running during the Summer months in Charleston, SC, will understand how low it can get...

We started our run at an easy pace with the whole group for the first mile.  The next few miles we ran over the islands and then ran over the Isle of Palms Connector.  The fog was really thick as we crossed the bridge back into Mount Pleasant.  We ran back towards the Town Centre and then ran down Mathis Ferry Road to the Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park.  We ran under the Cooper River Bridge and back up Coleman Boulevard.  We needed to run about two more miles so we made a loop around a school and back to our starting point.  Our pace was under 10:00 the whole way and I felt great at the end of the run.

My fueling plan was as follows:
Gatorade (3-4 oz) at every mile
Gel and salt at miles 4, 7, 10, 14, and 17 (I will add 21 and 24 at the race)

I chose those mile markers after reading the marathon race web site and finding out where they would be offering food.  This will limit the need for me to carry a bunch of gel packs during the race.

I had no problem with the twenty miles and felt good enough to go coach my son's football game right after the run!

By the way, I am running for more than miles next month.  I am running for the Charleston County School Board (Mount Pleasant).  If you live in the area I would appreciate your support www.votenoahmoore.com .


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