From Full Moon to Sunrise - Christmas Eve Long Run

No way was I going to miss my son opening gifts on Christmas morning, so I moved my long run to Friday (Christmas Eve).

Even though I woke up at 4:00am I was not able to make it out the door until 4:45am (sometimes it just takes awhile to get going).  Anyway, the temperature was in the 30's and the sky was crystal clear.  It almost looked light out because the moon was shining so bright.

I ran down Coleman Blvd. and over the Cooper River Bridge to downtown Charleston.  I turned right on Calhoun Street and ran past the College of Charleston.  I ran to my gym and refilled my water bottle and refueled (I was going to meet a group there, but my late start blew that plan).

I ran down to the Charleston Battery and as I came around the corner I saw the most incredible colors on the horizon.  The Sun was just about to come up.  Right above the ocean was a line of dark rust with blue and purple above it.  It was an amazing sight.

I ran up East Bay Street and back to the Cooper River Bridge just in time to watch the Sun come up over the ocean (amazing)...

When I made it home I was feeling pretty good.  Not bad for a twenty mile Christmas Eve long run...

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  1. What a beautiful view of the sunrise! I ran on xmas eve too - 20 degrees, covered from head to toe like some crazy person. Not nearly as fun and completly dark :(

  2. Ouch, 20's... I would be covered up too!


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